CBSE syllabus reduced by 30% - What is your take on it?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the revised syllabus for students of class IX to XII. As per the announcement from HRD Minister, the CBSE syllabus for the year 2020-21 has been reduced by 30%. The main focus is kept on the core concepts in every subject.

Reason for decision? The raging pandemic has brought a great change in every aspect of our lives. The situation has pushed CBSE to revise the curriculum and reduce the load on the students.

Will students lack learning? Thankfully, No. The reduced portions are still explained to the students while it will not be part of the syllabus for assessments and examinations. This is to keep the learning outcomes the same and no concepts are missed out.

What is the objective? The decreased classroom time and online sessions have also taken a positive part in this decision. While teachers and students take part in online classes, the absence of live physical interaction might affect the student’s learning. The advantage of reducing the portions helped the students to continue in a stress-free pace.

What is the impact? The portions removed may still appear in competitive entrance examinations. The students of batch 2020-21 may find it difficult to attempt the entrance examinations without a detailed explanation of the removed syllabus. The students may disregard the exempted portions which will possibly affect their higher studies. The portions which were exempted might be the basics of any subject the students might take up for their higher studies. Therefore, he/she might find it difficult to catch up with the subject plan without proper basic knowledge.

Our take, although there are advantages of removing part of the syllabus, it still affects the overall learning process of the students aiming for higher studies.

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