#Do Dreams have an expiry date?

What do dreams mean to you? Dreams are your lifelong goals, that you plan during your childhood or when you find your passion. It requires planning and a strong belief system to never waive from your aspirations. It takes courage, time, energy, desire and the ability to walk out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

In reality, several obstacles and directions are pressing you to take up a different path. As we grow up, we pick up too many interests and opportunities that we lose track of what our focus is on. There is no harm in opening new doors and broadening our interest, but putting your dreams on hold will mean letting them die eventually.

Dreams don’t have an expiration date but the ability to turn our dreams into something real does have an expiration date. We might lose sight of it for several reasons due to age, career, setbacks, time, obligations, and many others. The obligations and competitions in the world are more pressing matters, pulling us in a thousand different directions. But, because we grew up with this dream for a long time, they are always there at the back of our minds.

Instead of wondering whether dreams have expiration dates, let's think about when our dreams can have a start date. Take action, make a plan, and a vision board to achieve that dream. Make the decision to own your aspirations and at least try without doubting yourself. Most people in the world try to find reasons for not been able to achieve their dreams. Because they doubt themselves, thinking that their dreams are unattainable, they cannot pursue what they had always wanted. In the end, they regret it.

If you have placed your dreams on the side shelf because there are several obstacles on your road, well, you have to deal with it. Charles Buxton had quoted “You will never find time for anything”. Time passes by so quickly before you can grasp it. We always prolong beginning our dreams and keep planning to do them “someday”. There is no say in this matter and your dreams will have to wait. But it is your choice whether you want to let it die or live. You can visit your dreams, mold it with reality, create a vision board, and make them come true. Your dreams cannot expire unless you forget them. There is no better time to act than now.

The most important thing is to never let anyone else come between you and your aspirations. Many get influenced by what others think about their dreams. They feel inferior and start thinking a lot of “what ifs?”. They start ignoring what is truly important to them and think for others. Oprah Winfrey quoted “I have lots of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly”. We, as human beings, have fear. Fear for the future, the people we love, failures, and a lot of things make us uncertain. It is a limiting factor. But to be successful and achieve what we dreamt of is to face the fears and move past them.

What you need to do? Just find a Mentor for yourself and start with small dreams first. Indeed, many people around us do tell to dream big. But the only way to make that big dream come true is to take small steps. Work with your mentor to unfold your dream, invest time in planning, and handhold in a longer run. Start with small dreams, which are stepping stones to your success. To achieve big, you need constant motivation and the trust of your mentor who will never let you fail. A mentor will help seek solutions to your challenges that come your way and help you conquer it.

On that note, do dreams really expire? Think about it.

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