Big Decision - Post-graduation in India or Abroad

A student recently approached a mentor of Eunoia asking for an opinion, perspective, or recommendation before taking a BIG life-changing decision. The question stated about the alternatives of taking up Post-graduation in India or abroad. Let’s do some analysis:

Make a choice. During the bachelors program or in the final year, most students plan to study abroad. They plan to either study in the UK, US, or Australia in hopes that they can further build on their employment pursuit and enjoy the ease of admission, program options, opportunities, and quality of education and facilities. One of the main reasons for learning in a foreign university is the addition of international experience on the resume. Better exposure can be expected, and the eye-catching detail of international experience will help the student get a lead over other candidates.

The second significant benefit of having a unique international experience is the possibility of receiving international assessments in the job environment. The broad exposure to various global cultures, ethnicities, and diversities will increase the chances of working abroad. This broad exposure will assist the individual in the interaction and enrichment of personal knowledge in various socio-cultural backgrounds. It will also broaden the peer support in multiple countries.

Do a complete evaluation. While there are many reasons for studying abroad, taking up post-graduation in India also offers several benefits.

  • One, you are closer to your family and friends and can rely on them when in any difficulty.

  • Two, studying and living in foreign countries comes with a high expense, which is exempted in the case of learning in their own country.

  • Three, if an individual is looking for a job abroad after completing their PG abroad, there are some countries and companies that are not willing to offer job positions to foreigners.

Based on the above-listed reasons, prudently decide, keeping long-term goals in mind.

Do a thorough review. Research about the course a student wishes to enrol in and their long-term career aspirations, then plan accordingly. Check the credibility of the course or program. If the goal or career mindset is not clear, it is not a good idea to go abroad without a focused path. In choosing the right course or post-graduation program abroad, it is always better to research and carefully analyse at the best time.

Comparative analysis. Choosing to take up a post-graduation degree in India, enrol in a good university to have good stead in the Indian job market. In addition, after the completion of a graduation course in India, the likelihoods of maturing and having clear goals are higher. In such a case, do a precise evaluation before taking up a PG program abroad without the risk of wasting efforts and money on the wrong decision.

Our perspective. Before deciding to enrol in a post-graduate program in India or abroad, we suggest looking at the benefits, future prospects, career evaluations, financial expenses, and disadvantages of both options.

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