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About Us

Launched in 2019, Eunoia Mentors, is one of the best Career Guidance & Mentoring Institute, provides platform to facilitate the self-growth of students and working individuals.

As a team, Eunoia Mentors is driven by a mission of widening viewpoints and transforming lives by providing mentorship programs within reach. Our passion is to help our clients find their right path, overcome their fear and realize their future ambitions and aspirations, and have pushed us to provide specialized and dedicated mentorship and counselling programs. We have successfully guided students as well as working individuals into the right field and careers.

With the belief that people who are placed in the right career are more productive and happier, we dedicate our efforts to developing the students’ skills and assist them in visualising and actualizing their decisions. We wish to bring colours into the unique personalities of every child and individual, and energise them into achieving their extraordinary dreams.  

To discover our clients’ true potential, we offer an unparalleled range of services in the form of Student Career Guidance, Psychometric Test, Virtual Internship Program, Individual Career Mapping and Mentoring, Parents Education Workshop, and Relationship Mentoring. In addition, we help individuals get started with their dream job with an attractive Resume & Profile Building. 

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Our Aim

To assist Students, Parents and Working Individuals make breakthroughs and equip them to choose a right path, EUNOIA MENTORS has created a progressive method that is both academic and experience-oriented. The integral part of the programs we offer addresses the skill set with the mind-set.

We believe in creating an oasis for students and individuals to pause, reflect and tune into their aspirations, career engagement and satisfaction so that they make the right decisions in their next leap forward.

Leverage us for a clear and self-motivated journey.

Our Services

Our Services

How It Works ?

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If you are confused in your life aspirations and need assistance for clarity, start a chat with us and leverage the help of our experts. 

Our chat box is a free and a convenient space where we provide answers to endless specific or generic questions you might have. Chat with our expert team on a real-time basis, and get your queries efficiently resolved.