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About Us

Launched in 2019, Eunoia Mentors, is one of the best Career Guidance & Mentoring Institute, provides platform to facilitate the self-growth of students and working individuals.

As a team, Eunoia Mentors is driven by a mission of widening viewpoints and transforming lives by providing mentorship programs within reach. Our passion is to help our clients find their right path, overcome their fear and realize their future ambitions and aspirations, and have pushed us to provide specialized and dedicated mentorship and counselling programs. We have successfully guided students as well as working individuals into the right field and careers.

With the belief that people who are placed in the right career are more productive and happier, we dedicate our efforts to developing the students’ skills and assist them in visualising and actualizing their decisions. We wish to bring colours into the unique personalities of every child and individual, and energise them into achieving their extraordinary dreams.  

To discover our clients’ true potential, we offer an unparalleled range of services in the form of Student Career Guidance, Psychometric Test, Virtual Internship Program, Individual Career Mapping and Mentoring, Parents Education Workshop, and Relationship Mentoring. In addition, we help individuals get started with their dream job with an attractive Resume & Profile Building. 


Our Aim

To assist Students, Parents and Working Individuals make breakthroughs and equip them to choose a right path, EUNOIA MENTORS has created a progressive method that is both academic and experience-oriented. The integral part of the programs we offer addresses the skill set with the mind-set.

We believe in creating an oasis for students and individuals to pause, reflect and tune into their aspirations, career engagement and satisfaction so that they make the right decisions in their next leap forward.

Leverage us for a clear and self-motivated journey.

Our Services

Our Services

How It Works ?

1. Start a Chat

If you are confused in your life aspirations and need assistance for clarity, start a chat with us and leverage the help of our experts. 

Our chat box is a free and a convenient space where we provide answers to endless specific or generic questions you might have. Chat with our expert team on a real-time basis, and get your queries efficiently resolved. 

2. Choose a Plan

Be it Career Guidance, Mentoring or Internship Programs, we offer an unparalleled range of services that assist you in gaining the most out of the opportunities that come to you. 

From our services listed, choose the best plan according to your requirements and book a demo session with us. 

3. Book a Session

Book a session with Team EUNOIA and meet with the mentor to develop a plan for your future career and aspirations. Get clear visualized goals and achieve your dreams with us.  

You can book a free one-on-one Demo Session with our experts and get all your queries resolved. Parents and Individuals who may have any questions are welcome to make the most out of the one-time, free of cost Demo session to customize their plans. 

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Sonal Arora
Founder & Chief Mentor
Aashi Makin
Co - Founder & Client Success 

Meet Our Team

Our team at EUNOIA MENTORS are focused on helping our clients in India as well as abroad to achieve their personal and professional goals. With a straightforward vision, the essence of our work is to facilitate self-growth by helping Individuals identify and manage core challenges and setbacks in the real-world. Together, we bring the perfect blend of creativity and solutions to help our clients overcome their barriers with confidence. Our specialised and personalised plans and tools give the best possible experience in the guidance and achievement of their desired goals. 

Ravi Pandey
Technical Consultant
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Amit Narula
Chief Mentor 
Saumya Thukral
Content Consultant 


"The right mentor can bring you to new heights in your personal and professional aspects. EUNOIA MENTORS brings to you fully-certified Career Consultants and Mentors to guide you and propel your careers forward."

We are not a one-time activity
We are not just the "counsellor"
We are "DREAM" creators !
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Appreciation Wall

Choosing a Virtual Internship Program, Psychology has helped me gain know-how and understanding of the subject. Since it is an online course so it gave me the convenience to complete it at my own pace. Overall, it helped me understand practical aspects of this career and an expert opinion.

Ansh Narula, Grade 10, 
Amity International School

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